Friday, 2 November 2012

The Vintage Fashion Journal: My Obsession with Niki Pilkington Continues

Niki Pilkington is my favourite. I've always been a huge fan of her beautiful illustrations (pretty girls, vintage clothes, animals and painted nails are pretty much right up my street). I'm lucky enough to have limited edition prints adorning the walls of my office and have even done her nails before! You can read her blog about it here.

Painting Niki's nails! (Picture stolen from her blog)
I love writing lists and drawing pictures and jotting down any inspiration that zooms into my head because it zooms out just as quickly. Now, I have a million notebooks, but they're never really that pretty and I'm always ashamed to whap out my dog-eared Tesco's Own on the train!

When I heard that Niki was illustrating The Vintage Fashion Journal, published by Laurence King (the publishing house behind a lot of my favourite fashion books), I couldn't get my hands on a copy quick enough! Every page is different which makes my sporadic page choices (does anyone else do that?) much more fun. Some are ruled, some are blank and some remind me of my primary school jotters. Obviously, the best part is that Niki's lovely illustrations are interspersed throughout the pages, with pictures of vintage fashion trends and retro accessories dotted between pretty girls drinking tea and putting on lipstick.

The Vintage Fashion Journal really is a beautiful little companion, it fits into my handbag perfectly and goes with me everywhere. I love having Niki's pretty illustrations next to my boring "Buy more nail varnish remover" type lists. I almost kind of wish I had two copies, one to write in and one to keep nice. I'll be buying one for all my friend's Christmas presents (shhh...) so I'll maybe nab myself another one then!

 The Vintage Fashion Journal is £12.95 and can be bought from Laurence King Publishing here. Here's what they have to say about this little treasure:

"The Vintage Fashion Journal illustrated by Niki Pilkington and published by Laurence King is an attractive gift for fashionistas, stationary addicts and fans of all things vintage.

The perfect companion for trawling vintage boutiques, galleries, old-school tearooms and flea markets for inspiration, The Vintage Fashion Journal is beautifully presented with a cloth cover and ribbon fastening.

Featuring specially commissioned pictures from fashion illustrator Niki Pilkington, this is a thoughtful gift for lovers of vintage style."

Niki Pilkington -
Laurence King Publishing -

Buy the journal:

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