Sunday, 29 July 2012

Khaki Nail Polish

I had to post a photo of my new favourite nail polish, "Sew Psyched" by Essie. My local Boots has finally got an Essie stand and I can't tear myself away from the brightly lit rows of polish! The brush makes application so easy and the colour is beautifully creamy and really opaque so two coats were perfect.

I teamed it up with "Nice 'n' Neutral" by Topshop, some holographic confetti pieces and a coat of Seche Vite. Are you into Khaki polish? I saw one in Topshop too, have you seen any others worth trying?

Monday, 23 July 2012

My First Video Shoot

I am terrible at promoting myself and have somehow managed to run my business for a year without ever organising my very own photoshoot. I'd like to say a million thank you's to Shaun Murawski, a good friend of mine and someone who's work I admire very much, for agreeing to shoot a DIY Nails video.

A sneaky photo from the shoot, by Shaun Murawski
I knew whatever ideas Shaun would come up with would be great so I gave him full control of the day and just invited a couple of my friends to pop on some nails and enjoy a wee picnic with me in one of my favourite places in my home town. I'll go on a bit more when I can show you the actual video but I just thought I'd show you a couple of pictures from yesterday and obviously big-up Shaun a bit. Not that he needs it, he was commissioned to take an official portrait of the Queen dont'cha know!

And here's Shaun with his portrait of the Queen, d'awww! You can read the article here.

Scottish Girls Do It Best

Can you sot some DIY Nails?

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll definitely know how much I love the girls at Once Upon A Time Vintage and everything they have to offer in their ever popular shop on ASOS Marketplace. Charlotte and Hannah Booth (cutest sisters ever!) have the magic touch when it comes to sourcing high quality vintage clothing and catch on to huge trends well before anyone else.  Grungy, customised clothing has been a huge deal this summer and these girls stood out and made their mark in the massive wave of tie-dye, dip dyed denim and studded garments with their bright, fun colours, quick response to demand and generally lovely attitude towards everything. Once Upon A Time knows where it's at and they even have a cheeky wee 90's shop dedicated to cute bum bags, silk runner shorts and huge bows!

It's been raining for around 2 months solid up here and I think we've all decided that instead of mourning the loss of summer (did it ever arrive?!) we're going to fully embrace Autumn, and that can only mean one thing...CAMO ARMY JACKETS! I don't care that everyone who's anyone will be wearing one of these babies, they're great. So if you want to look that little bit different from the crowd I'd definitely recommend clicking this link and picking yourself up a sweet little £30 number from my favourite vintage duo. Mine just arrived this morning and I couldn't be happier. The girls even included some sweets in my order, I told you they were cute.

My new favourite purchase! Earrings  and Necklace by ALTAR Jewellery, T-shirt by ISOLATED HEROES.

Also, I couldn't post a camo jacket without showing you the perfectly suited, new addition to my online shop, camouflage decals of course! They're super simple to put on and look great on accent nails with black polish. You can even cut your own shapes out and seal them on to your nails with a layer of topcoat. I mixed them up with a powder pink base ("Powder" by Topshop) and my Impact Lettering decals.

Once Upon A Time
Twitter - @OnceUponVintage
Instagram - @OnceUponVintage

Friday, 20 July 2012


Ok so I'm pretty sure The Dark Knight Rises is much more serious than that, but for all you lovely ladies wanting to join in the fun why not get yourself some cheeky wee bat decals from my online shop! I love that everyone is going a bit Batty, Christian Bale, yes please!

Image of Bat Decals

Have you seen the Lazy Oaf x Batman Collection?? The Bat Icon Mono Cropped Shirt is sold out and I want to cry
Lazy Oaf X Batman Bat Icon Mono Crop ShirtLazy Oaf X Batman Logo ShirtLazy Oaf X Batman Sheer Bat Cropped Top