Sunday, 29 July 2012

Khaki Nail Polish

I had to post a photo of my new favourite nail polish, "Sew Psyched" by Essie. My local Boots has finally got an Essie stand and I can't tear myself away from the brightly lit rows of polish! The brush makes application so easy and the colour is beautifully creamy and really opaque so two coats were perfect.

I teamed it up with "Nice 'n' Neutral" by Topshop, some holographic confetti pieces and a coat of Seche Vite. Are you into Khaki polish? I saw one in Topshop too, have you seen any others worth trying?


  1. This looks fab, I'm dying to try Essie! Chinchilly is my fave that I've seen so far xxx

  2. Thank you! I've only ever used "Bright Tights" (amazing!) and their "Matte About You" topcoat so I'm really excited to try everything out! Chinchilly is definitely on my list xxx

  3. gorgeous colors... loving the dazzling gold - beautiful touch!