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I love Isolated Heroes and ALTAR Jewellery, as well as the girls behind both brands. When I heard they were collaborating I imagined a multicoloured 90's ghetto goth dream and I was not disappointed! I could write paragraph after paragraph about all their designs and how amazing the launch night at RARA and The Pretty Vacant Showrooms was but I'll just leave you with some pictures to save the rambling/fangirling! Check the Press Release below and all the girl's links are at the bottom of the page (thanks to Lisa's PR whizz sister Kristy!) 


DIY Nails featured in the shoot!

Some special decals I made for the event, you can buy the Aliens and Ankhs from my online shop!

I loved the press release for the Launch night, had to share!

Isolated Heroes Possessed By Altar’s Ghetto Goth"
Its 1996, the Spice Girls dominate the airwaves with “Say You’ll Be There”, Grunge is the new mainstream and the world is transformed into a cyber wonderland where only Ghetto Goths and Cyber Barbie’s survive. On the 11th August, Dundee’s premier vintage shop, RARA and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms, will be re-born as a 90s cyber ghetto wonderland for the official opening of a unique exhibition and sale from ready-to-wear Unisex label Isolated Heroes and Altar Jewelry.
Runner-up for Young Designer of the Year at the 2012 Scottish Fashion Awards, Isolated Heroes creator Samantha McEwen, has gone from strength to strength with her optimistic ready-to-wear streetwear. A recent feature in Grazia magazine, collaborations with some of the best stylists in the business, including Leeann Soki Mak, was a personal high point for the designer. The future is looking very bright for this unique designer.
This isn’t the first collaboration for the pair; earlier this year Altar Jewelry featured in Isolated Heroes show for Brighten Fashion Week. Speaking about the collaboration event, Samantha talked about how Altar creator, Lisa Maclean, shares a common creative vision and how her own journey inspires her to support creatives starting out on their own:
“Its so hard for anyone starting out on their own.  We’re both Dundee-born creatives trying to establish our own mark on the industry. Altar’s 90s inspired revival of spiritual iconography and early Goth subculture relate well to the considered nature of my collection and were both obsessed with the 90s, so it was a natural fit.”
Get your blow-up bag, glitter eyeshadow and head down to RARA to spice up your life and be immersed in a 90s wonderland. Altar’s 90s Goth-inspired collection is available at Isolated heroes current collection including the much anticipated eyeball dress is available from ASOS Marketplace, visit for all the latest news and updates for the event. Don’t miss out on a once of chance to revisit girl power.
Lisa and Sam with Gary Wilson, you'll hear more about him soon"

My IH x ALTAR haul!

Erin who owns RARA made these AMAZING Lisa and Sam dolls! Wow!!

 Isolated Heroes
Founder and Designer: Samantha McEwen

Runner up Young Designer of The Year, 2012 Scottish Fashion Awards
  • Graduated 2011 Heriot- Watt University, Gradute show “voodoo Zombies” featured collaboration with Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto. 
  •  Asked to design 30 outfits for singer Kreayshawn to wear to the MTV video music awards in LA, although she didn’t wear one of the designs to the how she has since worn pieces.
  • 1 of 20 students picked to go down to London to sell collection at Camden Market.
  • Based at Dundee’s Tin Roof Art Collective
  • Worked with Hair for Heroes and Photographer Ross Fraser Mclean

·      Grazia June 2012
·      Brighten Fashion Week (debut Aut/Winter Collection 2012)
·      Stylist Alexis Knox (Channel 4 Host)
·      Leeann Soki Mak (Fronted “Don’t Walk” campaign for St Andrews University)
·      Asked to send clothes to singer Azalea Banks (Karl Laggerfeld for Channel’s current Muse)
·      UPCOMING: StyleRocks (Will be in first episode and substituted for the rest of the show) 

Altar +
Founder/creator: Lisa Maclean

Eulogy to the 90s revival of spiritual iconography from Christianity to witchcraft, we celebrate symbols of the supernatural and the occult.  


  • Founded Altar following the completion of a masters in Design at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2011.
  •  Part time Lecturer at DJCAD (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design).
  •  Co. Founder Jude Magazine
·      RARA and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms Dundee
·      Big Cartel

RARA and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms
Owner: Erin Ward
Address: 29 Exchnage Street Dundee, DD1 3DJ (Venue Location)
·      Recently celebrated her 4th year in business in the city.
·      Erin opened the Vintage Shop after graduating from DJCAD where she received funding from the Prince’s Royal Trust.
·      Co Fonder Jude Magazine
·      Supports and Exhibits local and Scottish creative talent

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