Thursday, 8 March 2012

A "brief" history

Before DIY Nails was born
I painted leopard print on my nails for around 6 months, in every colour-way imaginable! All thanks to my friend Beth who showed me how to do it and bought me my first nail pen.

August 2010 - My first ever attempt at nail art! These are still two of my favourite colours but I did use a liquid eyeliner instead of a nail pen. Resourceful huh!

How my tumblr started
I spent a lot of time on tumblr looking at nails on WAH Nails, Sosoflynails and Pretty Nail Swag and loads of other sites but I wanted my own little platform to share amazing designs I found as well as my own nail art. I wanted to create a little place where people could go to find inspiration, learn how to do simple designs and have an opportunity to share their own nails and learn from tutorials, and in Febuary 2011 I did just that!

Here's a few of my early pictures (on me and my friends)!

How I started doing people's nails
I had so much fun doing my friend's nails and thought the best way to do other people's would be at vintage fairs as there were a lot in Glasgow and they were really popular! Thankfully, "Granny Would Be Proud" took me in May 2011 - at the time no-one did this at vintage fairs and I am very proud to be the first person! (To my knowledge). From then on I set up every so often at different fairs like Afternoon Twee and Gin in Teacups! They really let me meet some amazing people and make lots of new friends. Here are some photos.

Kerri from We Are the Robots - My first ever customer! She got moustaches and it still a customer today!

DIY Nails <3's FRANK
I was so lucky to be introduced to the lovely Julia who owns Frank Boutique in my hometown. She asked me to set up at one of her famous fashion shows (where I ended up doing loads of drunk boys nails...) We decided it would be so fun if I came in to do nails in her boutique every Saturday and that's where I've been since the 8th of October 2011! I love working in Frank, you'll find me there every Saturday 12-4 and my falsies are available to buy there during the week too.

My first day!
I've been pretty lucky to work with loads of amazing talent in Glasgow, here are just a few I've worked with over the last few months!

In The Company of Wolves (ITCOW)
I owe a lot of thanks to Claire, Emma and In The Company Of Wolves for asking me to do the nails for their 70's Horror Movie themed fashion show. I painted a set of nails for each model (16 in total!) as well as a special set to promote the event and received an amazing reaction to them! They also used my nails in their Fashion Film, which you can see here.

My absolute favourite designer! I met Samantha McEwen through the ITCOW event and we really hit it off thanks to our mutual love of each other's work. Sam is just the biggest bundle of crazy, colourful and creative energy! She really inspires me and I love designing nails based around her collections because they are always insane! I'll be posting a lot more about Sam so keep your eyes peeled!

Amanda Hendrick
How lucky was I to open a message from the gorgeous Amanda Hendrick? She was going to the Scottish Style Awards and wanted a 3D Hello Kitty set of falsies for the event. Obviously she ended up winning "Most Stylish Female" and after posting my nails on her tumblr my following got even bigger! After that we decided it would be really cute for Amanda to design some sets and we could sell them on my Bigcartel site along with my other designs! The nails were a massive hit! Thank you Amanda!
Amanda's nails for the Scottish Style Awards

The lovely Sarah, who owns LA LA LAND was the first person to enquire about wholesaling my nails! I launched at the shop's first birthday and had so much fun :) Thanks to Sarah a few other boutiques had the same idea and now stock my false nails too! 

How "Nail Mail" began
There are a lot of people selling false nails on the internet and numbers have increased in the past few months but I like to think I offer a different kind of service! I never intended to start out selling them but when my friend from Uni was going to Ibiza and asked me if I could paint her a few sets for her I thought it would be pretty cool to sell them to other people too.

Moustaches for Tasha! One of the 5 sets for Ibiza.

My Etsy Shop
I sold false nails on my stalls at vintage fairs while doing nails but then decided to set up a wee Etsy shop! The shop did quite well but I was only painting to order AND making handmade packaging -  it was taking up all my time and I was working two other jobs so I had to shut the shop due to the demand!

My first packaging - all handmade!

My friends over at Abandon Ship Apparel introduced me to Bigcartel and I've never looked back! I set up a new site just in time for Christmas and SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING! It was unreal! I was so busy up until Christmas. It was so crazy and I actually had to shut the shop again! I'm still so, so thankful for everyone who ordered nails from me, you guys are crazy!

So I re-branded, re-opened and just recently got myself a .com! I made 18 orders in the first 3 hours of being open, absolutely mental. My Nail Mail site offers nails from £8 to £12 with custom nails ranging from £15-£20! I'm always adding new styles to my shop and now even sell phone covers. 

I don't know what's in store for the future really, I have one wee exciting project up my sleeve which should hopefully be released in the next few weeks and I'm working  on a few shoots/shows but other than that I just want to keep painting nails an working with amazing people! And if you made it all the way to the end of this "brief" history then treat yourself to a little free p&p (That's like £2+ off every order!) at my online shop with this code: ILOVEDIY


  1. Love the blog - and your designs!

    Will be checking back for some future inspiration :)

  2. Thank you so much :)! I love your nails too!

  3. Wow! You have some crazy-awesome nail designs! :)

    I'm gonna try and get all arty farty with my nails soon :P but I can just about draw stick men! Haha - we shall see how that goes... But I will be taking some Inspiration from you (I hope you don't mind)!

    ~Hannah xx

    1. Aw not at all! Let me know how you get on too :) I love to see pictures! Stick man nails would actually be pretty cool!!

  4. i love your nail designs, so cute!

  5. That was so lovely to read and really inspiring! Hope you get bigger and bigger! :) x x

    1. There's probably loads I missed out but it just shows how a bit of passion can really work out :) thank you! I love your nails tooooo <3