Sunday, 11 March 2012

Isolated Heroes, Kirstin Kerr and Lou Clavé

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with these lovely ladies on a shoot. The whole day was filled with colour, stickers, pom poms, chains, hair, wigs, braids, henna, PILES of gold jewellery and gems everywhere! But what else would you expect when you're working with Isolated Heroes?!

(Kirstin Kerr)
(Kirstin Kerr)
(Kirstin Kerr)
I love working with Sam because I can really just do ANYTHING I want, it really was amazing to see everyone come together with the same vision and step into her "magic pony land brain" (as she so perfectly called it in her blog post about the shoot). And we just had so much fun! I created two nail sets for the day and wanted them to be really over the top. The first set were black with big, glittery, gold letters, IH for ISOLATED HEROES! I Stuck a big ying-yang button I found on one thumb and a big gold peace sign from a necklace on the other. The right hand had all the fingers connected by a chain and the left just had a chain running from the ring finger to the pinky (attached by a safety pin!). The second set was white and I used party confetti (smiley faces and baby bottles) and lovely iridescent gems to create a more feminine set. I connected the ring and pinkie fingers with a chain and attached some smiley faces to it. I really just wanted the sets to look thrown together, the whole theme of the shoot was so over the top that I just wanted it to look like Ruta and Stevie had done it themselves and stuck on anything they could find.

There was no make-up artist so like 8 of us pitched in and decorated Ruta ans Stevie with Henna (I'm sure Sam's AWA faces will replace traditional designs from now on), while Sam decorated their eyebrows with pom poms and Lou stuck smiley face stickers to Stevie's face as well as working her magic with some colourful wigs and hair pieces!

(Kirstin Kerr)
Athif showing us how Henna's really done! (Kirstin Kerr) 

Kirstin shot the most ridiculously beautiful photos I've ever seen. I can't wait to show you them but for now, here's a wee teaser!!

(Kirstin Kerr)

Oh and Betty came too!

(Kirstin Kerr)


Kirstin Kerr - Photographer, designer, illustrator and artist. An all-round, amazing and inspiring creative talent
Hair for Heroes by Lou Clavé - Queen of hair, wigs and colour, colour, COLOUR! Seriously the most amazing hairdresser around!

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  1. the photos with betty and the wigs.. oh my god!!!!