Sunday, 11 March 2012

Versace Style Nails!

I am actually so proud of myself for doing these!! Lynsay is one of my favourite clients, she always has the funniest stories from the time between getting her nails done and I love seeing what she's been buying every Saturday! I also love her because she has some SERIOUS talons and always has a clear idea of what she wants done. Yesterday she wanted Versace nails, it took me two hours. Mainly because I had to keep looking at pictures for inspiration. I'm always really weary of doing nails that are very "on trend" because I don't want to be too heavily influenced by all the other nail artists doing similar sets. I think I did ok though, what do you think?

I love Scratch Dollface but actually hadn't come across her Versace designs until we were looking for some inspo, they are ridiculously amazing! Just ook at these bad boys!

Scratch Dollface

Scratch Dollface

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