Thursday, 8 March 2012

Prohibition Glamour

Just thought I'd post a few pictures from an event I worked at recently!

The flyer for the event.

Prohibition Glamour was set up by  Silvia Pellegrino, the amazing woman behind the beautiful Chouchou Couture, to bring some Fashion Week fun to Rainbow Room International in Glasgow and showcase some of Scotland’s best emerging fashion and jewellery designers. The designers included were ChouchouLilly Wiggler CoutureRene WalrusNadine Schloen and Ursula’s Designs! The evening was a roaring success, with all proceeds going to AICR (Association for International Cancer Research). What really made this fashion show unique was that people had the opportunity to buy the designer's goods right after the show  - what a dream!

I created a special Art Deco inspired nail set just for the event and painted it on all 8 of the models.

 I wanted to keep the design quite simple so I just painted the thumbs and ring fingers with a gold and black Deco design (inspired by a lampshade) and the rest of the fingers gold or black with a gold or black stud!

The nails and the girls all looked awesome and Daniela Flores captured some amazing pictures (below)! There's a whole album from the event here.
Me and the models just before the show!

Also, big huge thanks to my always amazing assistant Becki! You'll hear me talking about her a lot, she helps me paint/package/photograph false nails for my shop and was such a help on the day. Ya wee star!

Becki, by Daniela Flores.

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